The symbuddy-project is an artistic research project commissioned by ZOOM Children's Museum in cooperation with BG/BRG Keimgasse Mödling. You can follow the research process until June 2023 here.

Who will help humanity out of its mess? Machines whom they taught to count, not to know? To run, not to live? Maybe people better ask some ants how to get along with each other. Or trees how to whisper. Or clouds how to build. You will only find what you can imagine! This is why the symbuddy-project aims at spinning new threads of connection to the world. Children are used to being dependent on others - outright and vulnerable, yet daring and almighty. Thus, several school classes form the ideal research team: Together with artists and scientists they play in search for fantastic, possible, livable worlds and explore human and non-human modes of living together in planetary solidarity.

The symbuddy-project was initiated and is realized by Verena Miedl-Faißt and Michael Simku.