One Meter Above the Ground. Drafts for Our Space Capsule

From the exhibition catalogue Sarmaşık Ivy, curated & edited by Başak Şenova @ Zilberman Gallery Istanbul 2022:

Using small finds and sound-miniatures, One Meter Above the Ground conveys architectural sketches of a yet-to-be-built Space Capsule. Verena Miedl-Faißt and Nirual Kenabru — artistic co-researchers as well as aunt and nephew — live far apart. They are separated by 30 years and several hundred kilometers. Yet, they couldn’t be closer. They spend time together sharing wonder, following each other’s misunderstandings, and inventing what is missing. They have created a room of their own – vast landscapes, complex architectures, and powerful fantastic critters offer unexpected ways of relating back within, and to the difficult world we live in. Working mainly with language and sound, VMF and NK would now like to materialise some bits of their Utopia: they will build a Space Capsule to enable and display their projects. Using small finds as ready-made architectural models, they have developed five different concepts for such a Space Capsule. „One Meter Above the Ground“ visualises the main features of these case studies and conveys spatial impressions of what each Capsule would sound like inside. 

Verena Miedl-Faißt/Nirual Kenabru are supported by the Octopus Programme, Vienna.