I am artistic researcher, writer, friend, art educator and filmmaker based in Vienna, dwelling the field of artistic research like a playground – for the in-between, the ungraspable, the not-yet or the long-gone; where questions can remain a longing and findings can be ephemeral relations.

Using photography, video and sound as media, that literally allow to share one's eye or ear, I am exploring the potential of artistic processes as means to strengthen multiple notions of 'we'; to overcome gaps between subjects, species and places; not by othering someone or something else, but by making intersubjective entanglements shine. Next to artists and experts from diverse fields of interest, my major partners are children – maybe because they are allowed to be fragile, yet confident.

I am trying to make the outcome of my research accessible through collective storytelling in sound, words and (moving) images. Some of those stories can be found on this website.    

2007-2013: Fine Arts / University of Fine Arts Vienna (MA),
2007-2008: School Friedl Kubelka for Artistic Photography 
2017-2021: Art Education / University of Applied Arts Vienna (BA).
Since 2017: PhD in Art candidate / University of Applied Arts Vienna

Contact: info(at)verenafaisst.com

Photo credit: Claudia Rohrauer